Join the CCM family on Saturday, January 24th,  from 6:00pm - 8:00pm for an engaging evening of Havdalah, with dinner, singing, Havdalah crafts, games, fun and dessert!

Hosted by:  Contra Costa Midrasha's Havdalah Outreach Project and our partner synagogues - Beth Chaim, B'nai Shalom and B'nai Tikvah

When and Where:  Saturday, January 24th, 2015 from 6:00 - 8:00pm at Beth Chaim - 

Food?  Contra Costa Midrasha will bring dessert, we ask that you help with the potluck dinner!

RSVP by Jan. 20th by clicking here. 

Who is welcome?

  • 7th grade students and parents from Congregations Beth Chaim, B'nai Shalom and B'nai Tikvah.
  • Any community members who want to join in the evening's festivities
  • Any Midrasha teens
  • Contra Costa Midrasha "Havdalah Outreach Project" teens

What is this event?

Contra Costa Midrasha is offering provide a new kind of opportunity to learn about and experience Midrasha for the 7th graders and their parents.  The goal is to celebrate together and enjoy in each other's accomplishments with food, song and Havdalah.  The evening will include dinner, interactive games, Havdalah crafts and an engaging, multi-generational experience of Havdalah, lead by Midrasha teens.

What is *Havdalah?

Havdalah is the Jewish ceremony that begins when 3 stars come out.  It marks the symbolic end of Shabbat and ushers in the new week.  It is often accompanied by singing and celebrating and is often a highlight of Midrasha retreats.  One goal of the Havdalah ceremony is to try to bring some of the peace we aim to find on Shabbat and bring it into our normal week.  Since Havdalah often happens in a circle of friends and/or family, it can be an opportunity for togetherness and sharing.

Why do Midrasha teens love Havdalah so much?

Havdalah is a special time on Midrasha retreats.  Our songleader, Eric Schoen, plays the guitar and leads a procession outside, under the stars, where we celebrate the end of Shabbat together.  The teens put their arms around each other, they hum, sing, laugh and enjoy.  Many say it's where they feel most united together.  We aim to bring that feeling to all of you!

Why do we participate in Havdalah?

Havdalah serves as an opportunity to identify feelings of holiness and peace.  It's a chance to say thank you, to look forward to the new week and to reflect on the week that just passed.  Since the tradition also invites us to say blessings, it's also a place to sing, celebrate and enjoy.

More Information about the Havdalah Outreach Project:  Call the Contra Costa Midrasha office at 925/944-4701 or e-mail at office@ccmidrasha.com.

For more information about Havdalah, we recommend this article, "Havdalah: Taking Leave of Shabbat" by Susan Silverman.